About Us

If we were "arty", we would call ourselves boutique.

We are a company that forms close working relationships with our customers, typically to boost the capabilities of their own In-house Application Integration / Development team. This affords our customers a scalable outsourced team that is familiar with their business domain, and a team whose very existence depends on delivering quality IT solutions efficiently.

We employ a hybrid Australian-Philippine resourcing model providing our customers with the familiarity of local resources and the elasticity of a skilled and committed Philippine workforce. Our excellent Philippine facilities make the sharing of computer screens, desktop video conferencing and HD voice calls all the norm.

Being implementers and doers, it is the finer detail that we take care of. We work well with your System Architects on larger projects, and on smaller projects we are just as happy to perform that role ourselves. The disciplines of requirements elicitation and definition, construction/implementation, testing, configuration management, and deployment is where we excel.

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