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Staffing Solutions

Our degree qualified, regularly trained and mentored Philippine staff are available at competitive daily rates for short or long term engagements. You may be wishing to supplement your own development team to iron out the peaks of your workload, or you may have a regular role that you need filled longer term by a quality developer; Unient resourcing is able to assist.

There is no need to set up your own offshore presence, simply use ours. Our daily rates include a developer with the experience level you desire, a development machine, Visual Studio 2015, Office 365 Business, Microsoft Skype for Business (video conferencing, screen sharing and voice calls), as well as a local Australian dial in number. All this is provided through high quality leased line fibre connections.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Whether it be getting your existing systems talking or developing a system that is custom to your needs, trust it to Unient. We have decades of experience in working with businesses in many industries to delight business users with solutions from our Focus Areas.

We pride ourselves on telling it like it is. Like the fact that developing software is a risky affair. Commercial-Of-The-Shelf (COTS) products may be used to escape this risk but these still require integration into the organisation and often are not optimized to your workflows. Whether its buy or build, a proven way to mitigate provision risk is to use an experienced provider, and that provider is Unient.

Application Maintenance and Support

Application Maintenance & Support

Ease the burden of Application Maintenance by engaging Unient to fulfil it. We are fast learners, and come up to speed quickly with the ins and outs of your application.

We address the logged defects and change requests of your application in a timely manner, ensuring all changes are done in the same engineering manner that we employ in our custom software development work.

Engage Unient

We deliver pragmatic, innovative, usable, extensible and maintainable software solutions to maximize your Return On Investment. We use contemporary technologies we know inside out, and employ project approaches that have worked before, in order to reliably deliver solutions that meet your unique business needs.

Our Focus Areas

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Application Integration, M2M Intensive Solutions

Coming up with a solution that melds existing and possibly newly developed or COTS systems is a challenge and one that we readily accept. Enterprise Service Bus is a popular enterprise integration pattern and we bought our ticket for it a long ago.

Web services are, or should be, used heavily in integration work and Machine-To-Machine (M2M) intensive solutions are the result. We are comfortable with both SOAP and RESTful style of web services.

We have successfully undertaken large integration initiatives, and use a production cured framework to ensure the next will be just as successful.

Transactional & Decision Support Systems

Transactional, Decision Support, Reporting Solutions

Transactional Systems used to record and process information, Decision Support Systems and dedicated Reporting Solutions are frequently custom developed, and we do them all. Ban the Excel files and remove access to the Access databases. Scalable, reliable and secure, our solutions are enterprise strength solutions that grow with you.

Each solution has unique business functionality. There are aspects however, that are common to all such systems; examples include the way it is structured, how security is handled and additional functionality to monitor the health of the system. We’ve done it before, and we’ve got the head start for you.

Mobile Solutions

In-The-Field Mobile Solutions

No longer is the desktop user the primary consideration of a custom software solution. Mobile solutions are essential to the efficiency of field operations, and demand equal attention.

The contemporary technologies we are familiar with make it easy to extend transactional and decision support systems to the mobile platform, and in our solutions, Mobile users are first class citizens.